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Doc Mele – Editor

Striving for excellence in the pursuit of creating a better world for humanity, Doc Mele pursued the highest degree obtainable in psychology in order to help others discover their authentic Self and actualize their potential. She has a background in Jungian psychology, which is concerned with concepts of the psyche, including the importance of symbolism, dreams, The Shadow, The Self, and individuation. She is also a certified clinical hypnotherapist, having studied hypnotherapy for one year to better understand the power of the subconscious mind. Prior to becoming a psychologist, she earned a bachelor’s degree in mass communications and worked in the fields of journalism and public relations.

She has enjoyed a vast diversity of personal growth throughout her life: traveling, meeting many interesting people, photographing many beautiful places, and experiencing the many beautiful cultures of the United States. She also has a passion for art, beauty, fashion, and interior design – expressions of what is profoundly and inwardly significant to an individual. It is this love of culture, humanity and respect for diversity that Doc Mele endeavors to further explore through Life is Epic.

Constance Kellogg - Litterateur

Dr. Constance Kellogg’s passion for history, literature, human narratives, and the psyche inspired her to pursue her graduate degrees in English and psychology. She is avid about exploring the human condition through memories, music, art, science and rituals. Raised in a publishing family, she learned the value of the written word and clarity of thought. Instilled with the concept of working hard in a field one loves, she seeks to create a fun and loving atmosphere of success, while pursuing knowledge through thoughtful and interpersonal relationships. She also expresses her Self through creativity by drawing, gardening, and sewing. For her, art is a balance of colors, shapes, spatial ingenuity, and creating gracious elegance, which she implements into many aspects of her life.

Brought up along the Southern California Coast, in an idyllic woodland setting, she has been blessed with the experiences of beauty, culture, and adventure. For her, life is indeed EPIC!

Tony Florez - Photographer

Combining influences from the world of fashion, photojournalism, and fine art, Tony has created an exclusive and innovative style. Often described as spontaneous, his work pushes the limits of conventional photography.

His style stems from his fashion background and artistic lifestyle. Respected worldwide in his field, he has photographed many celebrity weddings such as those of comedian, George Lopez; musician, Rob Zombie; Ultimate Fighting champion, Tito Ortiz; Korn bassist, Reggie Arvizu; and superstar Gladys Knight. He has also photographed events in the lives of Nicolas Cage, Tommy Lee, Mayte, Lisa Marie Presley, Johnny Ramone, Heather Locklear, Bob Newhart, Pittsburg Steeler, Terry Bradshaw, Hall and Oates, Sam Donaldson, and Johnny Carson.

Previously featured as one of the top five photographers in Orange County, CA by CBS Los Angeles, he continues to professionally photograph and travel the globe, including locations in Europe, The South Pacific, and the Americas. His innovative style constantly inspires, intrigues, and attracts admirers of art and style.

Deanna Marie – Culinary and Creative Diva

Coming from a family with strong creative roots, Deanna possesses a unique style in cooking, sewing, and illustration. Drawing from her passionate childhood curiosity of all things fun, whimsical, and exotic, she has carved out a unique place in the field of art. Whether she is creating for home, garden, fashion, and entertainment; or teaching culinary arts to individuals intrigued by her delectable fares, Deanna uses her soulfully blended skills as a contribution to culture. Her enchanting style is truly magical!

Life is Epic is a lifestyle resource dedicated to creating a more beautiful and dazzling life.  Through daily entries, we curate, offer, and present inspiration for uniquely stylish homes and enchanted gardens, while also providing information on the latest finds for beauty, fashion, well-being, travel destination, and festive celebrations.