Living with Soul

Interior designer, Rejoy Marsella, indicates people gravitate towards environments that have soul because there is energy in old things. That may have been the case for the couple that bought this home in Silverado, CA. Two years ago, it only took one look from the upper portion of the property to know this was THEIR house. They were told that two previous buyers wanted to buy the property, but could not fulfill the required conditions to buy it. Therefore, they didn’t know if they would qualify to buy the home, but they left it up to fate, and put in an offer. As if the spirits willed it so, their loan was approved. The home owners exclaimed, “It’s as if the house picked us and we do our best everyday to deserve the honor of living in this magical setting!”

Historically, Silverado was a silver mining town in the late 1800’s, set deep in the canyons of Orange County. The homeowners sought to honor the town’s past, which thrived during the Victorian era, but they also wanted to bring in a little bohemian and prairie flair.

Not only did they decide to incorporate Victorian, rustic, and artistic elements; they also agreed that 90 percent of the furniture for the home would be second-hand, and therefore, have history. Hence, most all of the furniture is from Craigslist, thrift shops, estate and yard sales. The master bedroom bed was once used on the set of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, and the bedroom furniture in the guestroom is from the couple’s electrician’s late mother. The settee and an armchair in the living room was bought very battered for $45 and $50, respectively; however, they were reupholstered by a master craftsman for an excellent price, retaining its original character. The oversized chaise, purchased from a home in the Newport Coast, was turned towards the window to enjoy a view of the hillside and many species of birds that visit and build their nests among the trees.

Outside in the garden, they enjoy home cooked meals either on the deck or creekside. The creek was a big draw for the couple. To bring that feature indoors, an underwater world was painted by a muralist in the master bathroom, giving one the sense that they are immersed in water. According to the homeowners, “This house is filled with soul and what is meaningful to us. When we have people over, they often tell us their imagination runs wild and they feel enveloped by the spirit of love, wonder, and contentment.”Truly, this is the gateway to the soul.

Murals by Guillermo Luna:; Photography: Tony Florez:; Juliska Pitcher from Bloomingdale’s:,; Oneida Silverware (Michaelangelo) from Macy’s:,; Nars and Laura Mercier Makeup from Sephora:; Voluspa Candles:; Butter London Nail Polish:, Jo Malone Fragrance from Nordstrom:,; Jessica McClintock Eau de Parfum:

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