Free Spirit

As I look at my daughter sitting in the make up chair, having her make up done for this shoot, I reflect back over the years. Where did all that time go and where is time going now?

My daughter, Ryan, is now 18 and going to college this fall. Now is a time of change. I’m excited for her. I’m excited for her future. I’m excited for her dreams. I’ve had a sense of purpose up until now. Everything has been focused on raising her to be the smart, talented woman that she has become. I’m proud, but I’m also sad. No more little girl. It only seemed like yesterday she was my baby, so how did she turn into this beautiful woman, almost over night? Dance recitals, gymnastics, and competitive swimming are now the past while her future lays ahead.

No doubt mothers around the world have had the same thoughts - excitement mixed with feelings of loss, a new beginning for both mother and child. Relationships shift and will be different in the future. Fulfilling in a different way, I am told.

This photo shoot is dedicated to all mothers with children about to fly the nest and to their free-spirited, newly adult children, intent on forging their own path in life.

I know Ryan’s sights are set on her future - a future full of hopes and dreams. Bohemian at her core, this young woman is focused, independent, brave, strong, free spirited, hopeful, and athletic. All that young women are and represent these days.

I have truly loved taking pictures over the years. I am in tune with preserving moments and I am thankful I could photograph Ryan for this shoot. I could photograph her all day long!

Mixed with emotion, I am focused on the present…and the future…and I look forward to both hers and mine.

Credits: Photographer - Cressa Cruzan: Instagram - @calicressa; Model – Ryan Coffee; Clothing – Free People:; Makeup – Sephora:; Makeup Artist – Brina Carrier for Sephora

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