Finding Neverland

Most of us have heard of the fabled Neverland from the epic childhood fairytale, Peter Pan, written by J.M. Barrie. It is a mythical faraway place where children can play and never grow up; a place where adventure awaits with new experiences, laughter and friends; and a place that allows for the joy of living to be fully understood. Most of us will never experience this exact Neverland unless we are lucky enough to watch the play. But does that mean that Neverland does not exist at all? Perhaps our modern-day Neverland is that magical place where we can truly be ourselves. Where the cares of our day and the troubles we encounter melt away and are long forgotten…at least for a little while. For each of us, that place is as unique and varied as the individual themselves. But, it does exist in all its glory…at least for me.

Driving through the golden hills of Southern California there is a magically beautiful home, which sits in the idyllic setting of a forgotten time. In the evening, the stars illuminate the way “home” much like the they guided Peter Pan and his band of friends home to Neverland. Upon arrival to this sacred space of imagination and beauty, one is always greeted with warmth through smiles and hugs. Entering the property one is met and engulfed by the joyful sound of a babbling brook – the heartbeat of the property. As the creek serenades all those who patiently listen, red, orange, and blue dragonflies dance in the cool breezes above this babbling land of wonder. Small white kissing butterflies flitter from flower to flower, often playing in the space between blooms. All the while, majestic Victoria butterflies gracefully take wing, previewing their lovely domain, in search of sweet nectar. Hummingbirds flit from bloom to bloom, then alighting on a branch for rest before continuing their playful dance of life. There is life that teams here inviting all to wander and to wonder at its marvelous unfolding.

The home itself sits among majestic oak trees older than the hills themselves offering shade and protection from the chaos of the outside world. It is truly a treehouse amidst this magical backdrop. Here, the tree frogs sing their nightly tale that lulls you to a peaceful sleep and greets you with their cheerful good mornings. There is also a place for the mystical mer-children along the stone walkway leading to the creek. You can ponder their mischievous thoughts as you gaze at their playful forms. And I can imagine Peter Pan playing in the breeze with Tiger Lilly as they grow together surrounded by beauty. It is here that lost souls can come to break bread, to laugh and to play. It is in this Neverland experience that one can gather strength to face reality as one cocoons where the pressures of everyday life melt away into a magically epic retreat.


Makeup - Sephora:; Makeup artist - Jordan Takeda for Sephora of Pacific City, Huntington Beach, CA

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