An Eclectic Adventure

Many people dream of living a life full of adventure, wonder, and beauty, but they don’t often find the courage or the time to live it out fully. However, a couple and their sons, fed up with the hustle and bustle of city life, decided to answer the call of that dream, in the secluded town of Modjeska, CA.

When Jennifer and Bill Ney first saw their home, it was in shambles. It is located in an area that is not for the faint of heart. Just to reach their home is an amazing trek through narrow winding streets, over a bridge spanning a creek, up steep embankments, and finally to a narrow gravel road where this hidden gem awaits. Undaunted by this trek, the couple saw the potential. Enchanted by the gorgeous, seasonal, ever changing, expansive views and quiet rural living to commune among nature, they bought the masked jewel vowing to unearth the hidden gem beneath.

Seizing the adventure of a lifetime, through mud, rain, heat, sweat, joys and triumphs, the beauty of their home slowly emerged. Jennifer, a nature fan, and Bill, a high school English teacher transformed the run-down shamble into a truly delightful home, infused with their vibrant personalities. Upon entering the house, one can’t help but notice their decor is a charming, eclectic mix of vintage momentos, lush greenery, and beloved books. Bringing the outdoors in, their love of nature radiates while the lines blur between inside and out. And, while they enjoy the comforts and aesthetics of modern living, their reverence and respect for things with history shows in a generous sprinkling of family heirlooms and repurposed treasures.

Through it all, they raised two kind, loving, and respectful sons, who also have a penchant for adventure. Jake, 23, is a firefighter for the city of Downey; while Max, 11, is still in grade school and relishes the wonders their home and surrounding area offers. For this family, adventure, passion, respect, and love have become qualities that permeate their epic life!



Photography: Tony Florez:

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