Defy the Stars

It's that time of year, where we transition from summer to fall. With Autumn closing in, this stylized wedding shoot pays tribute to the simplicity and beauty of memories during our summer days - enthralling water fountains, vibrant flora, ripe berries, a rustic setting, and the trusty woods that Bob Seger sings about. The woods, which have the power to make two young people fall in love and defy the stars, knowing they don't have much to lose.

Tucked in a southern countryside, hidden from the hustle and bustle of city life, lies an enchanting destination full of wild and natural beauty. Graced with authentic charm, this hidden hideaway became the romantic backdrop to a beautiful, prairie chic southern wedding.

For the couple, their journey began months before when a handsome man and a Southern belle first met. Instantly in love, the young couple began to court. While their families were not thrilled, this modern-day Romeo and Juliet story does have a happy ending. Guided by love, they persevered. Defying the stars, they culminated their union in matrimony.

On this, their special day, they incorporated the wildness of their dreams, the charm of their personalities, and the beauty of their love. No detail left unturned, they celebrated with elegance and grace. The beaming bride, wearing a beautiful strapless gown, captivated her groom, radiating with love. The southern theme of charm in this divine ceremony reflected in her veil, bejeweled in rhinestone hearts. Her natural beauty, perfectly accentuated by her gorgeous necklace, chandelier earrings, and lovely headband, sparkling in the afternoon sunlight, is a reflection of this special day. The groom, dashing in his bow tied suit, patiently awaiting his bride. Their faces illuminated by joy.

True to the Southern Belle theme, every detail is accounted for: Her wedding shoes honor their love for the sea. The captivating fountain filled with summer blooms. The main wedding cake aglow, takes center stage as the sun succumbs to the stars. The delicate berries, symbolizing happiness, beautifully adorn festive dessert plates. Blueberries whisper health, strawberries imbue passion, while raspberries connote kindness and protection – all things prized for a long and happy union.

The whimsical groom’s cake is beautifully embellished with the flowers of the bride’s bouquet. Adorned with the colors of the rainbow, these lovely blooms remind us of a gentler time when grace and beauty abounded, if only we looked around.

Transporting their guests to a gentler time, lost in history, they celebrate their union - inviting all to witness the magic of commitment, compassion, caring, and affection. Hopefully, despite the odds, at the end of their lives, they can truly say, “We did it our way!” Their message to the world is simple: Love truly does conquer all.


Credits: Photos - Cressa Cruzan: Instagram @calicressa; last six photos by Tony Florez:

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