Picket Fences

In the midst of the Danish developed, storybook-like town, of Solvang, California, is a store called Picket Fences, which is founded on wonder and fantasy, and provides inspiration to dream of possibilities.

It is as inviting and hospitable as its proprietor, Leanne Jennings, whose family was one the early settlers of Solvang in 1911. In Picket Fences, she offers a ray of sunshine in a mundane world and provides a total ambience, which creates a magical experience that stretches one’s imagination - taking the ordinary into the extra-ordinary. She captures the hopes of myths from long ago when chivalry and Camelot ruled society. This can be seen in adornments, such as the curtain crown, which sits atop a romantic styled bed, and the dazzling tiaras appropriately displayed nearby.

Those who enter are also enchanted by delightful and unusual items, such as beautifully framed quotes, encouraging us to reach our potential; religious and precious woodland figures; and whimsical mer-baby statues, who call on you to take them home. And magically, somehow, they do find their way home with you, to live amongst the beautiful flora in your garden or cherished treasures in your home.

For all hopeless romantics and dreamers, Picket Fences will have something that resonates with your soul and find its way home with you, inspiring you to hope and dream, and believe that your wishes will come true.


Contact: Leanne Jennings - (805) 688-6559; pfences@gmail.com

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