Vintage Man Cave

If the term “man cave” existed in the late 1800’s, this conception by interior designer, Rejoy Marsella, would be the epitome. Americana, yet Victorian, vintage, yet refined, this gentlemen’s vapor lounge is classic - mixing old with new, offering a lens into the past, and creating a bridge between time in a timeless form.

“I designed this room for men; however, interestingly enough, women enjoy being in the room too,” revealed Rejoy.

When asked why she thought this is so, Rejoy explained, “I think people gravitate towards what has soul. Environments have soul and there is energy in old things. But it’s not so much about old things as it is about what is natural. That which is of nature.”

Noted psychiatrist and founder of depth psychology, Carl Jung would agree. For him, nature represented the soul - one’s inner world. Jung believed unconsciously, people gravitate towards what speaks to them on a deep level because this is what opens the imagination.

When asked how one can achieve soul in their space, Rejoy suggested adding personal history into the environment, such as family photographs, heirlooms passed down from loved ones, or significant mementos from past events.

In her vintage man cave design, the connection to the past can be seen in objects used in astute ways, such as a hubcap found at a flea market for $5, placed ingeniously on the wall; reclaimed wooden floors, distressed by time, infused by hidden stories long forgotten; and timeless photographs of legendary beauties.

Every brilliant detail, unconsciously links one to the past in the visual texture throughout the room. It delights the senses - visually, aesthetically and emotionally. The soul of the room entices one to enter and linger; to wonder about stories of days gone by; to rest and relax in order to dream and think about creating new stories that will go on into the future and become the tapestry of its history.



Interior Design - Rejoy Marsella:

Photography - Ryan Garvin

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