Soaring to New Heights

Hidden in the hills, along the South County, California coastline, lies the quaint and charming Esencia community of Canopy Homes by Warmington Residential, which beckons you to reminisce of days gone by. Architecturally, the homes evoke ranch style living with expansive rooms, enchanting views, and a rustic sense of practicality, all wrapped up in an eco-friendly, modern, farm house design. Upon approaching the largest floor plan, 3X, you envision spending a carefree day on a ranch, inhaling the crisp clean air that ignites your senses, as you enjoy the wonders of nature.

Once inside this lovely home, you cannot help but reminisce of youthful sun-drenched days, spent frolicking in the meadow, watching birds glide in the air, inviting you to become part of the their adventure.

There is ample outdoor space available to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labors. Upstairs, on the third-floor deck of this magnificent home, you can entertain in style, or sit leisurely on the patio and marvel at the “purple mountains majesty” of the beautiful mountain range. You can also gaze peacefully at the sky while the sun dips low, displaying an array of magnificent colors as it sinks below the horizon, only to rise again the next morning to a glorious display of colorful splendor. The private patio on the ground floor offers relaxation with a cup of tea, or perhaps some wine, while reading or pondering the world. And, an outdoor BBQ invites entertainment, all while enjoying the aroma, which will surely be wafting from it soon.

The home is bright and cheery with ample windows to showcase the beautiful views. The décor is reminiscent of the ever present outdoors with rustic wooden furniture, green accents and comfy couches and chairs throughout. The open living room floor plan, dining room, and kitchen, all flow together well - perfect for entertaining or a quiet evening with family.

The outdoor theme continues in the chic bedrooms, bringing nature indoors with natural furnishings and bright bold accessories in white and green. These well-chosen accents help to create a place to soothe the soul and rest for the next day’s journey into the world of the city. Each piece specifically chosen to reflect the charm of a quaint country farmhouse.

If you desire to live in a ranch style community, this beautiful environment can be part of it through well-chosen pieces, colors that are reminiscent of the outdoors, and natural surroundings, which encourages you to relax and enjoy the adventures of this epic life.


Credits: Warmington Homes (Canopy Collection):

Floor Plan 3X:

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