It's To Die For!

There really is something magical about fall for me. Magical, in the sense that our imaginations get to play, explore, and create in awesome and gnarly ways. And I do find myself asking, ‘What kind of mischief can I get into today?’ I’m sure I’m not alone in that sentiment.

There is a place that encourages that part of us in a beautiful fashion called Roger’s Gardens, in Newport Beach, CA, whose buyers travel the world to curate the best in gifts and décor with an emphasis on craftsmanship. This five-star home, garden, and décor emporium, provides their usual botanical beauties of floras and arrangements during the fall, but they have also designed boutiques to help you celebrate the upcoming holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Wander through their corridors, and eventually you’ll find yourself in a whimsical wonderland of magic and beautiful mayhem. Here, you’ll be spellbound by the bewitching creatures that call this place home for the season. Need a vintage spell book? You’ll find it here, near the apothecary, selling magical elixirs. How about a magical wand or broomstick? You’ll also find them amongst other intriguing curios. And beware, because owls, bats, black cats, and spiders also work their magic on you to bring them home. Looking for spooktacular bouquests? Fear not. Those are available too.

This is a place where you can get curiouser and curiouser, and wonder, because Roger’s Gardens' magic is that it is a place which encourages you to dream, imagine, and nurture your Shadow….so you can celebrate your magnificent and sometimes michevious Self! Trick or Treat!


Contact: Roger's Gardens

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