In Search of Soul

A walk in nature, walks the soul back home. ~Mary Davis

How often do we put things off? We let the world pull us in several directions. We run to work, to the grocery store, pick up the kids from school, clean the house, and check off the lines on our surprisingly long “to do” list. When we do get a few free moments of rest and relaxation what do we do? We grab our smart phones, obsessed with keeping up with the latest trends, the most recent news report, and, of course, every single thing our friends are up to. If not our smart phones, the tv calls to us, the city life beckons, and the temptation to keep up with “The Jones’” is irresistible. In all of our business, we often lose sight of the most important part of life. That is following our hearts to our soul's desire. So, how do we connect to our soul?

The great thinker and inventor Albert Einstein once stated: “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” As an inventor, Einstein looked deep into the microscopic worlds of science…the very structures of creation. However, in order to find himself he would head to the ocean, to the woods, or to the beautiful gardens surrounding his home. It is in these places that Einstein connected with nature, both at the microscopic and macroscopic levels. It is here, in the silence and solitude of nature, that he could connect to the driving, living energy of his soul and discover the answers to his questions.

The famed psychologist, Carl Jung, once wrote: “Natural life is the nourishing soil of the soul.” In his own quest to find the essence of soul, Jung searched through many aspects of life. However, it is in communing with nature that he would find a direct link to his soul. Through the ancient religions of old to the everyday moments of today, Jung believed that all things were connected through consciousness.

He referred to a world consciousness as the collective unconscious, joining past with present, man with nature, ancestral traditions with unestablished ceremonies. Therefore, if one wants to feel connected with the greatness of the world, one must first connect with nature. In connecting with nature, one must ultimately connect with their own souls.

In communing with nature, one truly does find the inner soul, both of our world and of ourselves. To live life epically, one must have the courage to discover what that entails for their individual Self. What better place to do that than in the quiet solitude of nature where past and present collide and the future begins.


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