Majestic Alaska

People are complex and glorious beings. We love to be pampered; to be catered to with a smile and a friendly greeting; we hunger for fine dining and decadent foods; we enjoy the opulence of luxury; and to embrace our childhood fantasy of being a prince or princess. However, we also long for adventure. We adore being outdoors, to breathe the fresh air, admire the stunning views, conquer the elements, and return to the charm of days gone by - to be fully alive in our experiences as we drink in the beauty of life itself.

An Alaskan cruise can bring the dichotomy of these two worlds together in one epic adventure with comfort and style. The cruise itself offers a wealth of opportunity to delve with passion into an array of wonderful foods, representing many ports from around the world. The luxuriousness of the ship shines in all aspects of grace and beauty. And, your cabin is always clean, cozy, and waiting because of the wonderful efforts of the staff. Views abound as the ship sails gracefully through the fjords offering stunning pictures of lush mountains, numerous waterfalls and gorgeous glaciers. Talk about living like royalty.

Once in port, there are many adventure that beckon. The wildness of Alaska invites you to explore the quaint towns replete with old world charm, fabulous history, art, and museums. The architecture reminds us of quieter days. There is something for everybody to explore in these lovely towns - everything from salmon hatcheries, mining companies, authentic Alaskan meals, whale watching, hiking, flying and kayaking often escorted by the breathtaking beauty of an American Bald Eagle flying high or standing guard. Alaska seemingly has an adventure around every corner. In fact, with roughly only 3,000 miles of roads in a state twice the size of Texas, many people own planes, in addition to cars, making the wildness of Alaska easily accessible.

One of my favorite parts to the cruise was Glacier Park where we could view several amazing glaciers throughout the day. John Hopkins Glacier was majestic and long. Lampoon Glacier was brilliant resplendent in varying hues of blue, white and gray. Rein Glacier graced us with her “calving” in which a piece of the iceberg broke off, causing a powerful trumpeting sound. The Natives refer to this as “white thunder.” All were stunningly beautiful.

As the day comes to a wonderful close, don’t forget to stroll outside. The Northern Lights illuminate the sky, dancing in the quietness of the evening. The stunning display of lights will fill you with wonder and awe at the magnificence of our world. The Alaskan Natives say that the Northern Lights are all the unborn children playing in the heavens above. Now what could be more epic then that?


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