Coasting into Halloween

So, you live by the beach, but Fall has arrived and you want to get into the Halloween spirit but still have a beach vibe at home. What to do? One person found a way to combine the elements of the sea and the spirit of Halloween in his beach pad for a haunting effect. Bachelor, Jay Peterson, thinks he’s pretty lucky to own a home and live near the ocean in Huntington Beach, California. And although it may just be a one bedroom flat, to him, it’s paradise.

An outdoors guy, he likes to bike ride, surf, sail, and walk along the beach as often as possible. So, he decided to bring images of the ocean indoors with prints of the surf and coast adorning his walls. However, he also likes to get into the spirit of the holidays and to do that for Halloween, he incorporated spooktacular décor into the ocean theme of his beach pad.

In his living room, he brought in pumpkins, lighted candles, and mixed them with seashells he found on the beach. He continued using pumpkins in other areas of his home, and not just traditional orange color pumpkins, but white and a pale green one also. White and pale green echoes colors found in the sea, such as seashells and the pale green color of sea foam. For his bathroom he used a white pumpkin with floral arrangements besides a bamboo candle and other small white and orange pumpkins.

Next to his front door, he tucked white seashells into an Autumn wreath and accompanied it with a pale green pumpkin, orange string lights and festive Halloween signs.

The orange string lights, which added to the warmth of the season, continued into his bedroom. Although he chose ocean blue colors for his bedding, he complimented it with darker furnishings. Jay said, “For Halloween, the colors work because I was able to use the richer shades of the embellishments in here, such as the rich orange of the pumpkins, the deep burgundy of the Dahlia bloom, and the vintage clock that I found hidden in one of my storage boxes.

According to Jay, one doesn’t need to have a palatial home to live an epic life. “I have the ocean, shops, and restaurants that I can bike to, and friends and family stop by often. So, life is excellent right now.”

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