As Your Will So Mote It Be!

The lore of All Hallow’s Eve stems from Samhain, the festival of ancient Celts held around what is now October 31. Eventually Nov. 1, became All Saints (hallow or sacred) Day; therefore, Oct. 31, became Halloween (Hallows Eve).

Before Judeo-Christian times, pagan cultures such as the Celts and Druids believed the powers of the universe, such as earth, wind, fire, and water, helped them achieve their goals. This was the practice among the Wiccans. They believed that rituals, which incorporated benevolent practices of “wish”craft, such as using herbs, water from running springs, and paying attention to the phases in the moon, would bring about their desires.

They taught others that they must do no harm to others because the consequences would come back to them ten-fold. However, as human nature would have it, there is always a rogue among the bunch who would turn benevolent practices into the dark arts. So, when Christianity became the more dominant religion, Christian zealots

deemed Wicca as evil and called all Wiccans, witches, and all morally bad behavior, wicked, after the word Wicca.

Today, pagans who call themselves Wiccans still practice the white arts of doing no harm to others, yet believe in incorporating the powers of the universe to achieve their desires. It is said that Halloween Day (and of course night) is their new year, to which they still refer as Samhain . To celebrate this, many wiccans will hollow out a pumpkin about a month before Samhain, write their desire on a plain sheet of paper, light a colored candle that corresponds with their goal, and put the candle on top of the paper. They do this candle ritual for about a month, each night thinking of their wish as they light the candle. After Samhain, they plant the pumpkin in their garden.

Whatever you celebrate this Halloween, be safe, be happy...and as your will so mote it be!



Model: Yvonne Moncivalles; Makeup: Sephora of Pacific City - Huntington Beach, CA; Makeup Artist: Jackie Montelongo

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