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Today, I planned on writing about a whole different topic for another category, but my iPhone froze and to make a long story short, I lost all the photos I wanted to use for the other post I had in mind. However, I was talking to my friend, author, Amy Garcia, and she suggested that I write about something everyday. So, here I am, writing about something that inspired me today.

It's so easy for life and circumstances to get us down. As a psychologist, I've had patients ask me my one recommendation for maintaining positive mental health. How do we keep our head above water during those moments of despair? My advice: Have a good support system: friends and family who build you up, inspire you, motivate you, and empower you to get back on your horse and keep riding on, yet also tell you perhaps, what you don't want to hear, because after all, people who really care about you will tell you the truth. Your enemies won't. Support systems are there to help you, not rescue you (but the difference between helping and rescuing is a topic for another day).

I am blessed to have friends like that. One in particular, Yvonne Moncivalles, I have known for 35 years, since the first day of college. I've always seen Yvonne as an ethereal being, a real life angel God sent my way to have this journey in life with me, no matter how far or near we live from each other.

Recently, after wanting to whine about something and feeling guilty about doing so, she said to me, "When people vent, I don't think they're a bitch, or complaining, or sick, or weak. I think they're just trying to work something out that doesn't make sense to them." It feels fantastic to be deeply known and understood.

I am so lucky to know women, either in person or through social media, who continue to encourage, motivate, and amaze me everyday. I am inspired by women who band together and empower each other - to help one another reach their potential.

To all of you who continue to profoundly touch my life, thank you for encouraging and reminding me to always soar. I am truly grateful. Sky's the limit!

And to my soul sister, Yvonne, thank you for your love, patience, support, wisdom, time, empathy, and for walking with me through the dark forest and holding the lantern, when I'm not feeling strong enough to hold it, so we may have light on our path. You help make my life truly epic!

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