On Turtle Creek

I love winter: the holidays, the rain in Southern California, the brisk air. But winter also gives way to Spring. For Californians that means less and less chances of rain, as the months go by, for our drought prone state, but we once again get to witness the signs of new life and rebirth.

Whether you're religious or not, that's the message of Easter, resurrection and rebirth. Rise and participate in the cycle of life.

Today, as I walked down to the creek for an afternoon break, I was surprised to see a baby turtle. We are told that turtles in our area are rare. Yet, when we see them, they relish sunbathing on the boulder when the weather is nice. However, they are elusive. They hide under rocks without being seen.

Unlike last year, we didn't get a repeat of epic rain, but we did get some. And as the rainy season turns to more sunshine, we become blessed with the beauty of flowers around us, such as Trumpets, Camellias, and Calla Lilies. We are also honored to witness the birth and babies of wildlife animals, such as baby robins, hummingbirds, and today, this baby water turtle, who now calls the creek his home.

In Jungian psychology, turtles represent moving at our own pace. The turtle also reminds us that our home is our heart. Do not close your heart to the outside world. However, what I encountered was a baby turtle, so maybe it's the world suggesting that I open up a little and rediscover the world. Maybe it's also the world's way of telling me that I shouldn't be shriveled up by life's disappointments.

As writer Penelope Trunk wrote, "Spring is a time to find out where you are; who you are; and move toward where you are going." Just like the baby turtle.

And to top off the blessings of this day, I received a notice that we won the raffle we entered for the quilt package, during our little country community's Easter Breakfast with the firefighters! E ala e (which means AWAKEN AND ARISE in Hawaiian). Arise and shine!

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