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I am obsessed with upcycling and repurposing. I try to reimagine something discarded in another incarnation. I've upcycled many things: elaborate floral head wreaths from silk florals I've found at thrift stores; pillow cases from used sweaters; and even gift wrap from newspaper.

Now, we have a Nespresso machine, which uses pods. We don't drink often, because we're not big coffee drinkers in our home, but I know many others drink coffee, which uses pods, daily. That means, unless pods are recycled or repurposed, 55 million coffee pods will be crammed into landfills everyday.

So, I wondered how Nespresso pods could be upcycled, and I discovered the following beautiful creations, as examples of how to turn potential trash into epic art. First, clothing designer, Ellie Mucke, who specializes in using materials from reclaimed products, designed this elegant dress made from the Nespresso pods. She doesn't know how many hours it took her to create the dress, but she indicates that she spent numerous hours on it. And what a one-of-a-kind piece of art it is! I would love to rock this haute dress for a special event.

Another example of attire that can be made from Nespresso pods is this gown found on

Next is this necklace from eco accessories designer, Kathleen Nowak Tucci. At a quick glance, it looks like a purse, but it's a statement necklace. However, because it looks like a purse, I'm sure creative types can fashion these pods into a purse with the same shape and style.

Finally, is this unconventional but innovative podded curtain for chic bohemian interiors. With the boho chic interior design trend of today, I can see this in a charming but eclectic home.

Many ethical-minded artists are now turning from conventional design methods to sustainable practices, in order to preserve the integrity of the environment. Do you engage in any practices to help sustain a more healthy eco-system? If so, please leave a comment, we'd like to know.


Credit: Gold Couture Dress - Ellie Mucke; Couture Gown -; Statement Necklace: Kathleen Nowak Tucci; Podded Curtian - source: Pinterest

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