Starting an Empire

As I sit here in the cafe of the car care center, waiting for the alternator of my car to be repaired, I think about what I can possibly do to pass the time (since they tell me it will take all day). So, of course a light bulb went off inside my mind, and I say to myself, I'll start an empire. It's time to create a realm!

More than one patient told me that they don't like the word EMPOWER. They think it sounds too aggressive. One thing I realized is different words mean different things to different people. Hence, I will start my own Self-Confidence/Self-Esteem movement!

When working with patients, no matter what population, I excel most in self-confidence/self-esteem issues. Hence, it seems like a natural progression for me to start an empire that addresses evolving into the best one can be - not just for women, but for men and children too, because they also become afflicted with negativity.

I will write a more involved post on codependecy at a later date; however, on your way to attaining and possessing your power, know that you can love your friends and family, but also be differentiated from them. What does differentiated mean? In a nutshell, to be differentiated means you are able to have your own thoughts, preferences, and feelings and still disagree with others (family members included), and not give in to them just so they'll accept you. That is NOT love. That is giving in to controlling behavior because you feel more comfortable with being a people-pleaser. Having your own thoughts and feelings, owning them and being assertive is healthy and necessary so you may individuate, that is to become the unique individual you are ultimately meant to be.

Notice, I used the word assertive. Not aggressive. To be assertive means to respectfully maintain what is rightfully yours - to stick up for yourself and the decisions you choose in your life, whether you fail or succeed. Just know, if you fail, you will learn lessons and it is up to you to pull yourself up without asking anyone else to rescue you (you can ask for help, but don't expect to be rescued. More on these terms on the codependency post). To be aggressive denotes using force towards another, whether physically, emotionally or through your tone of voice.

So, when starting a new realm, you gotta put on your cape and power crown...and never forget, your soul is royalty.


Credit: Crown by Marita Haltom of AristoKrown; Photos - Oliver Sjostrom, Nappy, Oleg Magni, Kha Ruxury,

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