I was reading a book written by my friend, Amy Elizabeth Garcia, titled, Real Steps to Enlightenment and I readily related to one chapter: Clarity. While reading, I could empathize with sitting at a desk, typing, working at a county-contracted facility, when I was in my very early 20’s, way before the era of smart phones, PCs, Apple computers, thinking, I know I’m only 21, but there’s got to be more to life than this. Like Amy, I too worked in a stressful and (emotionally and physically) toxic environment, filled with negative people who didn’t think much about throwing me or anyone else under the bus for their own gain.

After highschool, I didn’t want to go to college right away. In fact, I don’t think I wanted to go to college at all. I now know that there is always a silver lining to negative experiences, and the positive thing that came out of working in that environment was I gained some clarity and said to my Self, “Self, get yourself to college. Learn something. Anything. Gain knowledge in everything that stimulates you. Be happy. Trust me, life is not meant to be lived like this.”

Like Amy, life led me down many paths. And it was in one of my darkest hours, that life led me to my calling. I think I had known and had signs all along that I was meant to be a healer. Even a few people from my job told me that I should be a psychologist. Of course, I shrugged it off. I was way more rebellious in my younger years, but life has a way of mellowing you out if you’re lucky.

I know that I can’t win 100 percent of the time, when it comes to patients, but I have done a lot of good work. I helped thwart a school shooting, I’ve helped many people gain self-esteem, self-confidence, and I’ve helped people self-actualize. All of those things were possible because I learned how to assert myself, stand up for myself, work with patients, the ailing, and in toxic situations such as the very dismal county-contracted agency of my early 20’s. So, that really was another one of the silver linings of working there.

How do I get clarity now? Well, one thing I now know is if more than one person suggests something to me, I give it great consideration. I also go to a quiet place, close my eyes, and breathe. Breathe in positive energy, and breathe out the negatives I hold within me. I surround myself with a support system of people, who I think are full of wisdom, but also empathetic, loving, and nurturing. I also write and get lost in my writing. I write without editing because somewhere in my writing, I find my answers. I take walks by myself on the beach or beach path or with friends in the forest. Finally, I say a prayer and I open myself up to receiving abundance: An abundance of happiness, creativity, opportunities, love, good health, true friends, life, and answers.

Gaining clarity is one of the steps towards enlightenment. As Lao Tzu said, “Knowing others is wisdom. But knowing your Self, is enlightenment.”

We’d like to know. How do you gain clarity?

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