A Quick Respite to Reinvigorate the Soul

Some people live in a pretty nice area but just want a change of venue for a few hours. That’s what happened with me last weekend. I longed for a place that wouldn't be too crowded or busy, and where I could roam around and have a drink that someone else would make for me.

That place for me is located up the road in a venue called Rancho Las Lomas. It’s known mostly as a wedding and reception site, but with reservations, the public can also come in for a picnic and beer and wine tasting on most weekends.

I like that I can throw some food in a picnic basket and head over to sit in the picnic area under ancient trees (remember to call for reservations. If it’s not too busy on the same day, they’ll just say, “Come on over.” If you drive over, the valet fee is $8, and most everyone drives there unless you live across the street). The vibe is pretty relaxed, rustic chic, and the staff and bartenders are friendly and approachable.

After having my nourishment, I can walk around the grounds, which is like a mini zoo, where I visit with the white tiger, macaws, peacocks, and zebras. There is also a nice yellow swing where I can sit and take the scenery all in.

Nature reminds us to relax, breathe, and be grateful for our blessings. In our busy world where we are usually on the go and conditioned to accomplish something…anything, having a place that offers suspension from life as usual is a wonder-full thing and reinvigorates the soul.

Where do you go for a change of scenery that offers you some respite? Please share with us. We’d like to know.


Contact: Rancho Los Lomas, 19191 Lawrence Canyon, Silverado, CA 92676, (949) 888-3080

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