Answering The Call

Ever since I told my patients I would take a break from practicing psychotherapy, I’ve had several of them ask me if I’ve returned to the office. For the past several months, more and more of these former patients have asked, “Doc, are you back yet? Can you work with me again?

I thought I’d take some time out, work on writing a few books (in the works), and my blog posts. However, I do get calls from patients who ask me to return.The word vocation derives from the word "call". Therefore, your vocation is your calling. Listen to the world. What does it call you to do that is significant and contributes to humanity?

*photo does not depict actual patient

Yesterday, I received a call from a young lady who was my patient when she was 14-years-old. She is now a college graduate and implored me to work with her again because she needs an extra boost of self-confidence and self-esteem (one of my specialties). I am truly humbled and grateful for these individuals who have graced my life and in their own way tell me I’ve answered my calling and have lived my life’s main purpose.

Psychology, or rather, soul tending, is a noble profession. When done correctly, I realize that I don’t “fix” or “cure” anyone. Rather, I help them self-actualize, and explore behaviors and patterns that don’t serve their highest good in order that they may realize their true potential. I also have the opportunity to empower others and help them realize that the sky’s the limit for them. As much as my patients may think I’ve taught them something, it is they who have taught me so much about the human condition and the art of soul tending.

I once studied psychology at a school that was located between the mountains and the coast (in ancient times, healing occurred between the woodlands and the sea). If I do open another office, I’d like it to be in a serene area, where both my patients and I can be held by nature, while exploring their psyches.

To them I say, thank you for trusting me with your secrets and the deepest reaches of your soul. I am truly grateful and humbled. The divine in me, bows to the divine in you.


Credits: Photos - Lisa Runnels; Tante Tati

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