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Even though I floral arrange and design, I admit, I’m not at all a gardener. When I was young, I liked to play in the dirt, but I didn’t like to dig in the dirt to plant things. Maybe it's because I didn't have a lot of patience for that as a child. However, I've always loved being in a beautiful oasis of flowers. It brings me instant joy and serenity.

By far the most epic home and garden emporium in Orange County, which inspires me to create an outdoor environment where I can imagine, dream, and meditate is Roger’s Gardens in Newport Beach, CA.

From the moment you step into its door, you’re surrounded by beautiful flowers. This week, white and blue hydrangeas greet the customers. Instead of a wall of roses or other beautiful blooms, be inspired to do something different by checking out their wall of tropical greens.

Wander further back and you’ll find orchids of many varieties and colors, as well as air plants and succulents for eco living. You’ll also find summer selections such as sweetpea in their floral studio for arrangement that will bring elegance to your table.

But Roger’s Gardens is not just a premier nursery. They also provide whimsical home décor, and at the moment, Fourth of July is on trend and displayed in their gallery, along with other summer offerings, such as party supplies, gift cards, candles, bath and body skin care, lip balms, a children’s section, and more.

No, I wasn’t a gardener when I was a child, but the beauty and whimsy at Roger’s Gardens inspires me, so I may just change my mind and give it a go.


Contact: Roger's Gardens

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