A Midsummer's Night's Magic

May you touch dragonflies and stars, dance with pixies, and talk to the moon.

Even though I live in Southern California and people from other parts of the globe think it’s always sunny here, winter days are short. When most of us arrive home from work at 6:00 PM, we would love to take a stroll outside, but it’s too dark. We begin to imagine and wish for summer days when the sun is still out at 7:00 PM.

This return of bright days is celebrated with different traditions globally. In doing so we acknowledge the power of nature, God (or a higher power than ourselves if that term resonates more with you), and the influence the universe has on us. It is a way to honor our bounty from past seasons and contemplate our hopes for the future.

This year, I celebrated the mark of summer’s beginning with friends - old and new - and the spirits who were present for our gathering in our beautiful woodland setting. We decided to all wear crowns, many created by Ms. Marita Holton of Aristokrown, who makes bespoke tiaras, crowns, and headpieces. The crowns symbolize our souls are royalty. Just as the sun shines bright, so too do we all possess that same potential. We are what we think All. Day. Long!

During the evening, we also performed a summer solstice wish ritual. This was done by tying either a yellow, orange, or red ribbon (since these are the three colors that represent the sun) onto any branch that caught our fancy, while making a wish. One puts the energy of their wish into the ribbon. This is signifies putting what you’d like to manifest in your life out into the world and then in essence saying, “I wish for (whatever you desire)…and now I give it to God (or the higher power) to bring what is right for me.”

As the evening progressed, we shared a wonderful sit down potluck dinner, since feasting with others is also a summer solstice ritual. The table was adorned with summer colors: flowers of the season; coordinating wine glasses and water cups in ocean related colors for the adults, and a whimsical water tumbler for the child in the group; wine (mostly from Napa, CA) a plenty was also on hand; and pitchers of infused fruits and vegetable water graced the table. During cocktail hour, cold cut meats, cheeses, nuts, fruits, and wine were also served. Platters of nourishing foods were passed around for all to enjoy during dinner. The potluck dishes included chicken, pasta dishes, beat salad, and potato salad. For dessert, custom made crown and tiara cookies, as well as homemade cream frosting cake topped the evening.

Perhaps the guests favorite part of the celebration was the feast. Not just because we got to eat, but also because it felt like the good old days of our youth, when we all sat down at the dinner table, passing food from one person to another, sharing and talking about what happened during our day.

Celebrations are a way we give meaning to our lives. It is a way of focusing on the positive and recognizing our blessings. In doing so we celebrate our intention to nurture ourselves, as well as our desire for positive transformation and regrowth. When we acknowledge life’s milestones though ceremony, we partake in magic and make the ordinary, extraordinary.


Credits: First four photos by Roseanne Nitti: puravidaimages.com; Men's and Women's Crowns and Tiaras by Marita Holton of Aristokrown: Instagram @aristrokrown; Cookies by Baked with Aloha Cookies: FaceBook - Baked with Aloha. Cake by Dee Wood: Instagram @mydeevacreations

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