The Saw Dust Art Festival

Art is not so much about beauty, as it is about a portrayal of inward significance, and one of the places where this is evident was at last night’s pre-opening of Laguna Beach’s Sawdust Festival, exhibiting the works of over 175 artists.

The SawDust Festival has brought together artist and art enthusiasts since 1966. Here, in sawdust lined aisles, one can wander through mixed media and creations of talented souls, while being entertained by live bands and noshing on festival food and drinks.

We thought it wouldn’t be so crowded because it was the pre-opening night, and those in attendance were admitted by invitation only by any one of the vendors. We were wrong. The venue was packed with art fanatics and everyone was in good spirits. We wandered from booth to amazing booth, and all the artists were more than happy to talk with the attendees, even if they didn’t purchase their wares. Lots of stories to tell about the connection they feel with their creations, which comes from deep down. Their stories are told both visually and verbally.

For a moment in time, we can leave our mundane world behind and revel in a wonderland of expressive creations by these gifted individuals. They are not given to convention, but that’s what makes the festival fantastic. Many have used discarded items, such as silverware, cardboard boxes, wood from a walk in the park, and even sawdust, to repurpose, upcycle, and make something different and new from the forsaken objects.

And while the art is ripe for the picking, perhaps the star of the SawDust Festival is the psychedelic VolksWagon Bus that greets everyone at the entrance. It seemed as if everyone wanted their turn in there!

The SawDust Festival will be open from 10AM – 10PM daily, from June 29 to September 2. Find your Self and lose your Self at the same time through art at the SawDust Festival.

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