Find Your Self in Nature

"The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness." ~John Muir

Deep in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California, is a charming get-away retreat that is reminiscent of Alpine Villages of Europe, called Lake Arrowhead. Native Americans inhabited the area long ago and took their elderly and ailing to the Arrowhead Hot Springs to rejuvenate. The area was so renowned for its water that in the late 1800’s it was made into a reservoir to supply water to the lowlands. Today, it’s a nice jaunt for the weekend where Southern Californians get-away, even for a day, just to find their Self. That’s what I did at the end of June (however, there are residents that live in Lake Arrowhead year-round also).

I stayed at the Lake Arrowhead Resort. The rooms were nice and peaceful. Mine overlooked the beautiful natural scenery of lakes and evergreen trees. In the morning I worked out in the gym, which was clean and spacious. The attendants at the front desk were lovely. There’s a nice pool area, but I forgot my suit (but next time I’ll remember); however, it looked inviting, especially early on a summer morning. You can also take a kayak or boat tour though the spa services, which also provides spa products if you need them, such as shampoo, conditioner, massage oil, body products and some clothing. The attendants were lovely to me, as was all the hotel staff.

The hotel's restaurant, Bin 189, also has a wonderful menu to choose from. With my food allergies and sensitivities, I was surprised to find that there were selections that suited my needs. But above all, the fares is really delectable!

The Lake Arrowhead Village is the hub of activity. On this particular Saturday, there was a concert on the main stage, and plenty of people were present to enjoy the music. There are also restaurants and shops to wander through. Popular shops include the outlets, such as Coach, Wilson’s Leather, Bass, and more. I needed totes for traveling this summer and winter season, so I stocked up on Coach products. Locals also suggested I try Antlers, one of the restaurants at The Grille, but they were booked for the duration of the day, so I had a nice Japanese meal of poke (marinated raw fish, "the way they make it, " the server told me) next door, at a place aptly named Lake Arrowhead Sushi.

I also had to visit Jeannine’s Home and Interiors in the front of The Village because it is one of my favorite home boutiques. But I’ll have to divide this post into two sections so I can write a post about the shop under the Realms category, for tomorrow. It deserves a post of it’s own.

One doesn’t need the excuse of a romantic get-away to retreat and relax in Lake Arrowhead. It’s a quaint and cozy community, above the frenzy of urban areas. Part of self-care is to also make sure we take the time to relax our bodies and minds (breathe in peace and happiness; breathe out what doesn't serve your highest good) and treat our senses to something beautiful, magnificent, and awe-inspiring. Lake Arrowhead is such a place to find your Self.


Credit: Source for second photo - Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa

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