The Wonder of Summerland

It is important to take time out to enjoy the wonder of living. Life, at times, can become mundane, filled with challenges that must be met and risks that should be taken. It is at times like these that a perfect get-away is most beneficial because it allows you time to hit the pause button, enjoy life to the fullest, reconnect with long lost friends and memories, while also letting your subconscious bubble with possibilities and a new perspective.

Summerland, just up the coast in Santa Barbara County, California, is a charming town of unique shops, wonderful restaurants, and endless possibilities for imagination to take over. Situated along the coast, the ocean breeze refreshes the spirit. The leisurely atmosphere of this historic town whispers stories of a beautiful past, while embracing the hope of a chic new future. It is in this balance of the old and the new that the historic charm of Summerland breathes new possibilities into a tired soul.

Traveling to this beautiful seaside village reminds one of the journey Alice took in Wonderland. It begins with a car ride along the California coast, which is virtually untouched in its beauty. It is reminiscent of the rabbit hole of the Wonderland tale.

Once there, the food takes you on a magical journey of magical flavors to savor. At The Nugget Restaurant, these flavors mix and melt quickly into a medley of satisfaction, bringing a smile to the most discerning tastes. The elegant boutiques that line the quaint street offer a glimpse into all sorts of adventures. One can metaphorically visit the Queen of Hearts’ beautiful garden in the lovely Botanik boutique. Or have a lovely “tea” party of sweet treats and wine at the Summerland Winery. And, if that is not enough, one can travel to different lands in the wonderful shops taking you on adventures you never dreamed of. The Garde has art pieces from all over the world. Ask the attendant their stories and you will be amazed at the diversity.

Then finally, you never know whom you might meet on this mystical journey of fun and imagination grounded in reality: a lovely shop owner with knowledge beyond compare; an energetic tourist enjoying the ambiance; or a rowdy local laughing at the world with you.

After a relaxing day of complete enjoyment, don’t forget to stop by the Mediterraneo Restaurant in Westlake Village (Los Angeles County) on your way back to reality. This is another magical stop that will tempt your senses, as well as your taste buds. Be swept away again as you enjoy the wonder of life hidden away in this tiny enclave. Let the magic of the environment envelope and rejuvenate you. For, once in a while, it is good to be swept away to the magic and wonder of a Summer Land.


Info: Botanik, Summerland, CA; The Nugget Restaurant, Summerland, CA; Summerland Winery, Summerland, CA; Summerland Beach Cafe, Summerland, CA; Mediterraneo Restaurant, Westlake, CA

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