Turning Christmas into Winter

Am I the only one that wonders, 'Why do we have to take down all the winter décor just because Christmas is over?' I understand Christmas for the Western world occurs during the winter season, but isn’t contemporary Christmas décor, with snowflakes (real ones, not labels given to certain members of society), red holly berries, and evergreens related to the rest of winter too, which lasts from December 22nd (or 21st, depending on the year) until March 21st?

I love winter holiday décor, so I’m always a little disappointed to pack it all in until the next year. There has to be an easy transition from one holiday to the rest of winter, correct?

I did my best to do just that. I tried to keep the sparkle of the holidays, but move on from the poinsettias and gingham. I held on to some rustic elegance, and added other elements.

Many people say I live in a huge, magical treehouse, which is woodsy and earthy: a very masculine trait. So, I wanted to combine both a rustic and feminine quality into the soul of the design shift.

For sparkle, my tiara collection graces many areas of the home. Often, when I’m with people as I buy the tiaras, they say, “Why are you buying that? It'll just end up somewhere in the bottom of a junk chest collecting dust.”

I’m so happy I don’t listen to others easily. Instead, I go with what my intuition tells me. If you love something and it resonates with you, buy it. It speaks to your soul for a reason.

I received this mermaid wrap blanket a little over a year ago as a gift. Instead of rolling it up and tossing it into the basket with the rest of the throws, the tail is flipped out to line the basket. The color has a warm tone, so it still has a winter vibe.

I really enjoy displaying tokens of people's affection for me as décor in my home. It fills the house with their kind energy, and I believe when people give us gifts, no matter how small or grand, it is their way of wishing us happiness. So, in essence, for me, the energy of those warm and loving wishes is out and about in my home. Even alcohol that I received for Christmas, has a stage in my home.

I don't play the guitar, but I bought this pink one from a canyon neighbor because its essence spoke to me. For now, it takes its place on the highboy dresser in the guestroom. It gives the room a tad of an edge, while still remaining elegant.

Adding to the femininity of the guestroom, these soft peach/pink peonies (which I knew I liked, but didn't know what I would do with them when they were purchased) were added on top of the antique chest besides pearls and other vintage collectibles.

While out and about treasure hunting, I will usually find one-of-a-kind items, like this small tea kettle that holds tea leaves in its strainer and brews one cup of tea at a time, for cold days. The tea towels were also a find. They are warmer tones of feminine colors, lending to a winter aura.

Reindeers tend to be Christmas icons, so for the dining table, serving bowls with stags, transitions into winter décor for the dining area. They mix well with the feminine touches of the kitchen. For me, it’s meaningful to honor the seasons and one’s convictions, whatever they may be. It’s also important for me to gracefully shift from a significant holiday, while still honoring a certain season.

Believe it or not, most of you will already have items in your home, with which to do this. There’s no need to go to the store to buy much, unless you really live sparingly and only have the bare necessities (which in itself is a different kind of design theme). In such cases, shop estate sales, vintage flea markets, garage sales, Craigslist, and thrift stores for items with history. This will add soul to your environment, and items that resonate with you will transition with your décor from one holiday to the next, season to season.


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