The Victorian Home: Casting a Spell

Is there a home in your neighborhood that you’ve often wondered what it looks like inside? There is such a home in my neck of the woods that is currently for sale, and I finally got to see its interior.

Of course, it’s aesthetically beautiful on the outside because it’s a Victorian. The owner bought the land where it’s on now, showed an architect a photo of a house in a Thomas Kincade painting, and said, “Make that.”

Homes in the style of yesteryear seem to resonate with me on a deep level and they cast a spell on me. I am captivated by the mysteries they hold inside. At my core, I’m very Victorian: tea is my favorite drink, etiquette is essential, and I am captivated by the grace of a bygone era.

As a depth psychologist, I’ve learned that a house symbolizes one’s soul. What attracts us, holds symbolic clues to our inner self, and in this sense, architects are hired, as artists, to design and materialize our hopes, desires, and concerns that loom within our psyche. On an unconscious level, we look for homes that will manifest all of these within our surroundings.

Therefore, on a deeper level, a home, especially, a Victorian home, with its many enclaves, turrets, and parlours, is not just about aesthetics, but also about inward significance. It is a place where our unconscious is acted out through design and décor, and it is a symbol of our individuality.

My home in the woods is beautiful and feels like a cozy treehouse. However, the blue Victorian for sale in my woodland neighborhood, and the environment that encompasses it, is a home that says: In this day and age, I have lived somewhere more interesting than the suburbs and I have experienced magic.


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