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Whether we know it consciously or unconsciously, we all live for magic: moments where we stand in awe of what is happening before our eyes. These moments take us out of our ordinary existence and transport us into an atmosphere of epicness.

We should all have places where we can escape, even if it's a short distance away, where very few know the location, and where only a select few get an invitation. This is after all a magical place for you, if not for anyone else, and we should guard our magical spaces against energies we don't want in our surroundings. As an empath, I know all too well, the importance of this.

Many people who visit, say my home is a magical place, and it is, but MY home is MY home. It's where I live everyday life. Sometimes, I just want to feel like I'm traveling into another realm, where the vibes and people are different than in the area where I live. Luckily, I have such a place where I can retreat to become transformed again from the wears and tears of everyday life, so I can stand in awe of the magic I feel around me.

Away from the city, I drive deeper and deeper into a different land, where there are more trees than buildings. Suddenly, my breathing becomes more tranquil and the scent of nature fills my nostrils. I can sense the energies of pleasant woodland spirits welcoming me back to my true nature. Into the woods I go, to lose my mind and find magic!

My secret place, is a hidden gem, where angels stand guard, the stream is flowing, and beautiful flora exist in abundance. Here the vibrational energies are angelic, people are relaxed and friendly, the food is divine, and of course there truly is an elixir called, Love Potion, #9!

Magic really does have a way of changing reality. So go ahead, get away - to heal, to retreat, to become empowered, to nurture your spirit, to reconnect with your soul, and most of all, to partake in the magic that we all endeavor to manifest.


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