What Made You Happy This Week?

So often I've heard friends say, "I no longer watch the news because all I see is bad/stuff." That's not such a bad idea. Yet, we do live in a world where positive and negative occurrences exist. However, we now know through research in psychology that we are and become what we say and tell ourselves All. Day. Long. We become so programmed from an early age, usually by the words or behaviors of others around us, that we start to believe what we hear and see. Nevertheless, we can also reprogram our minds to think more positive things. It's a proven fact (I will go more into that on a future post).

Oftentimes, I remind my Self of this, then ask, what made me happy or grateful this month or this week? Here are jut some of the things which brought me joy in the last month, and for which I am thankful:

Living in the woods is a dream come true.

I have a creek running in front of my home.

Peacocks live in a canyon near me.

I was able to spend time with family and friends and celebrate milestone events.

I get to stay at our beach pad and wade in the water when I want.

My office is in a lovely wonder land.

Tea is always the answer, with my funny Valentine.

Meeting like-minded people makes me know there are others in my tribe.

Emmy (short for Emeraude, that's the name I gave her because her feathers are green) the hummingbird, has built a nest again to lay her eggs.

Visiting my "magical" place is always a happy and transformative experience.

And so much more......

Getting into the ritual of counting my blessings, instead of my disadvantages, not only helps me set good vibrations for my well-being, and positive outlook, but it also helps me build and maintain healthy relationships. It's important to also remember, happiness does not exist outside ourselves. We can only truly be happy when we are truly comfortable from within.

So, go ahead and turn off the news channels and other dismal shows on television, if you'd like, there are other things to focus on, like your health, your self-esteem and self-confidence, and what motivates you to reach your dreams and goals. There is so much to be happy and grateful for.

We want to know, what are some of the things that made you happy or grateful this month?


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