The Ocean's Healing Powers

When many of us want to recharge and rejuvenate our souls, we often head to nature. For those of us who live close enough to an ocean, we find healing by the sea. What is it about the ocean that soothes our world-weary souls?

The answer can be found in science. A variety of research indicates sea elements contain negative ions, which are a good thing because they contain protons and electrons that neutralize electrical charge. Thus, negative ions have healing capabilities with regard to our health. They not only help detoxify the body by eliminating toxins in our cells, while simultaneously restoring much needed earth minerals, such as potassium and iodine, but they also hydrate our skin and and improve circulation. Therefore, oxygen flow to our brain is elevated, which increases mental awareness, and can often alleviate depressed mood.

This explains why many people feel more relaxed while in nature: near mountain streams, lakes, or the sea. Hence, walking on the shore and swimming in the ocean allows our bodies to absorb mineral rich nutrients from the sea, which produces health benefits for our overall well-being.

What if you don’t live anywhere near an ocean? Mountain settings, rainforests, canyons, waterfalls, and protected national parks are locations where negative ions are also naturally produced. Therefore, going anywhere in nature, away from the city, can produce the same results.

Don’t have time to travel to nature or near a body of water? Here are some ways to help you produce similar effects:

Meditate or Engage in Guided Imagery.Take a few deep breaths. Close your eyes and imagine that you are out in nature, walking down a peaceful beach path. You are calm and comfortable, and it is a beautiful day. Allow your breathing to become gentle and rhythmic.

Through meditation, we become deeply relaxed and our brainwaves resonate within slower frequencies of the alpha state. This provides us with the opportunity to elicit change that will serve our greatest good.

Try Salt Rock Lamps. Salt rock lamps are not only beautiful and soothing, but they help absorb the unhealthy particles from the air. Use them consistently anywhere you utilize electronics, in order to combat the output of positive ions.

Take a Seaweed Bath. Seaweed, such as the kelp variety, may be obtained from the waters of the ocean, purchased at your local health food store, or from an online from a supplier. However, only use kelp found a distance into the ocean, and not on the shore, as kelp found near the shoreline may be contaminated.

To enjoy a kelp bath, begin by filling a bathtub with water (as hot as you can stand it). If using fresh kelp, just add it to the water, making sure to remove it before you open the drain at the end of your bath. If you can’t find kelp, you can also use dried seaweed by putting it in a muslin drawstring bag and submerging it in the water, letting it steep for a few minutes.

Salt Water Bath. If you don’t want to use kelp, you can also use bath salts, which may be purchased from a beauty supply center or health food store. Bath salts are known to cleanse and detoxify the pores, while rejuvenating the body; likewise, a salt bath can also help alleviate certain skin issues, such eczema and psoriasis because of its purifying attributes. However, please consult your physician before engaging in any hot baths if you have diabetes, high blood pressure or other ailments.

Walk in a Park-like Setting. Walking is a completely beneficial whole-body workout. It not only provides great cardio benefits, but also gives us overall toning, while enhancing legs, back, and stomach muscles. It also helps calm our nerves, while combating the aging process.

These are just some ways sea and nature elements help produce healing benefits for overall well-being. However, keep in mind, nothing produces the effects of negative ions like spending time near a natural source of water.

Journeying to the sea (and other nature locations) is a way we can practice self-care by nurturing our mind, body, and spirit. As Isak Dinesen indicated, "The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea."


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