The Sirens' Song

*The following is a short excerpt from a book I am currently writing, regarding how the mythical mermaid archetype can help us heal and transform our lives.

Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung believed that stories, such as myths and fairytales, could help us understand our lives and psyches (minds), especially though archetypes, which are unconscious traits and characteristics of human behavior we all possess, and which we assign to universally known characters, images, and ideas.

These archetypes may include The Magician, The Nurturing Mother, The Devine Feminine, The Authoritative Father, The Eternal Child, The Magician, and The Victim. They are represented in characters known the world over such as Peter Pan, as The Eternal Youth; Merlin, as the Magician; and Marina (AKA: Ariel in the Disney movie), The Little Mermaid, as the Divine Feminine and Nurturing Mother who saves, nurtures, and protects. Narratives are powerful tools. If we can resonate with these characters, we can begin to see our lives from their perspective and perhaps gain the ability to transform.

Today, many people can relate with mythical mermaids, also known as sirens. Maybe it's because, as living creatures on earth, we originated from water and in our cells lie the memory of our aquatic existence from our first ancestors. Hence, we are dynamic beings and water is our primary domain. Therefore, it is understandable why so many people today, identify with mythical mer-beings.

The documentary, Mermaids, features a woman named Cookie, who suffers from agoraphobia. She is paralyzed by fear of venturing outdoors. However, when she channels the spirit of a mermaid, a being who she sees as self-confident, empowered, adventurous, and as bold as a siren, she is able to go outside without an issue. The characteristics and traits of mermaids resonated within her soul, and she was able to overcome her adversity; thus mermaids possess the power to heal and transform.

Through lore and myths, we also know that mermaids trace their ancestry to the Greek goddess, Aphrodite, who ruled the domain of beauty, love, and imagination. Therefore, today's mermaids endeavor to drench our landscape with art, beauty, and mesmerizing song.

It is the sirens' song that invites us to chase our dreams of being dynamic, fearless, adventurous, mysterious, and reach our epic potential.


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