My Spirit Animal is Stevie Nicks

According to Carl Jung, the animal you resonate with most, at a deep level, is said to be your spirit animal, and is the symbol of your Self. Their spirit embodies you the most and guides you through life. In dreams, they can tell us which traits and characteristics we need to be aware most in others; or which ones we might be trying to quash or suppress in ourselves, so we may be able to evolve.

The following are common animal spirit guides and traits they symbolize:

Cat: independent, curious, complex, moody.

Dog: playful, adventurous, protective, loyal.

Peacock: elegant, grounded, aloof, proud, self-confident.

Horse: intuitive, passionate, nurturing energy, free-spirited.

Butterfly: spiritual, innovative, happy-go-lucky.

Mountain Lion: sly, cunning, hunter, persistence.

Wolf: cunning, suspicious, power-hungry, conflicted, destructive.

Fox: clever, cunning, secretive, deceptive.

Owl: wise, careful, transitional, intuitive.

Deer: kind, gentle, transitional, graceful, sensitive.

Lion: narcissistic, bold, loud, aggressive.

Raccoon: sly, bold, curious, assertive.

Dragon: bold, self-confident, impassioned, determined, majestic.

What is your spirt animal?


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