Wine, Dine, and Luxury Rides

Most of the time, I just want to get away, far away. Like on a train, away. To another time. Yesteryear is good with me. Some place where there’s world class wine and cuisine. The one place that comes to mind is Napa.

Napa is definitely wine country. They treat food and wine as art here. I’ve been to some of the most posh wineries in the area: Opus One, SilverOak, Darioush, Black Stallion, Kelly Flemings' vineyard for her Big Pour launch dinner, but few things beat an opulent wine train.

The Napa Valley Wine Train is like stepping back to a more vintage age of rail travel, where meals and the ambiance were elegant and the experience was to be savored. The tour begins by arriving at the station 30 minutes prior to the departure time. They board passengers in groups for this 36-mile round-trip to Santa Helena. There are early and late meal seatings. I prefer the late seating because I can enjoy appetizers and drinks first, while taking in the views of the best vineyards Napa has to offer.

The railcars were once first-class coaches for the Northern Pacific Railways, now restored to their original glory with mahogany paneling, brass accents, and velvet seat fabrics. It’s still locomotive travel using steam, just like the early 20th century.

After about an hour-and-a-half of taking in the intoxicating napa landscape and enjoying the hors d’oeuvres, we switch railcars for our return trip and enjoy our lunch, which consisted of a four course meal. However, this is not grub food. True to the wine train’s opulent spirit, this is the finest cuisine California has to offer, with wine pairings suggested for your meal.

The cost of the Napa Valley Wine Train adventure starts at $150 per person. Please call for children's prices and other inquiries. There aren't many wine train opportunities in California, so this was indeed an unforgettable experience.


Info: Napa Valley Wine Train, 1275 Mckinstry Street, Napa, CA 94559, (707) 253-2111

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