Fighting Irish Gone Glam

Growing up in the small town of La Palma, CA, I knew I’d be a Fighting Irish one day because the only high school in town (which was across the street from the jr. high school) was John F. Kennedy High, home of the Fighting Irish.

Of course, St. Patrick’s Day was always a big thing at Kenndy High. Green, gold, yellow, and white were everywhere and the colors were on everyone. We really got into the spirit. Needless to say, St. Patrick’s Day has always held a special place in my life, and to honor the day, my fellow Fighting Irish, Julie Finlay, and I have put together a St. Paddy’s Day/Fighting Irish makeup look for those with light complexion like Julie, and for those with a more tan complexion, like me, using as much Senegence makeup as possible. Julie is a distributer; I am not, but I chose Senegence because I wanted to try their colors since I’ve heard so much about the brand.

As you will see, we used the same colors for the most part, deviating only in certain areas, like our foundation, crease, and lip color. For contouring, we both used the Kat Von D Contour Palette (Julie's highlight color: Lucid. Her contour color: Sombre; My highlight color: Lyric. My contour color: Shadowplay). For mascara we both used Lancome's Mr. Big. Eyeliner color is Perversion, from Urban Decay.

Julie: Before and After

Julie's Foundation Color

Julie's Eye Colors

Julie's Lip Colors

On Julie, we used Creme Beige foundation. On her eyes, we used: pink frost (for her brow bone), Sandstone Pearl Shimmer (as a base for her lids), Candied Cocoa Shimmer (for her crease), and Palm Glitter (for the lid color). For her lips, we used Napa (for the main lip color), and Prism (as the sealer gloss color).

For brushes we used Sephora Pro Air Foundation Brush #56; Sephora Tapered Crease Brush #19; Sigma Blending Brush #E40; Sigma Pencil Brush #E30 (for under eye and for inner and outer corners of eyes); Sigma Shader Lids #E56 (for under brow bone); and Sigma Short Shader #E20 (for buffing out colors under lower eyelashes).

My Foundation Color

My Eye Colors

My Lip Colors

On me, we used Medium-Deep foundation. On my eyes, we used Sandstone Pearl (on my brow bone); Sandstone Pearl Shimmer (on my lid as a base color); Bandana Shimmer (for my crease); and Palm Glitter (on my lids). For my lips, we used Crimson (as my main lip color) and Prism as my sealer gloss (same brushes).

Now, you're ready to pick a glam St. Patty's day outfit for an Erin go brah celebration. May the spirit of the Fighting Irish be with you - the spirit to endure, to persevere, and come out on top, in glam style!


Info: Sengence Cosmetics

Contact: Julie Finlay -

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