Submit A Feature
We are currently considering features, with professional quality photos, for our home and garden (Domains), beauty and fashion, travel (Wanderlust), and celebrations (such as birthdays, housewarmings, coming-of-age parties, weddings, etc.) sections from readers, photographers, interior designers, and event planners
Home and garden features: Whether the theme of your home or business is modern, romantic, eclectic, vintage, rustic, etc., we are looking for stylish, charming, and inviting homes, gardens, and shops that not only exhibit chic and interesting objects and furnishings, but also possess unique and distinct characteristics.
Beauty and fashion features: We are looking for the latest in chic style and beauty trends, which will inspire others to put their best and most radiant Self forward.
Travel features: We look for intriguing and beautiful location shots that will inspire others to have epic adventures, whether for just a day or to globe trot indefinitely.
Celebration features: We look for creativity, festive tone where personality is captured in photographs, and unique ideas.
Stylized shoots: We are also accepting photo submissions from photographers, interior designers, event planners, fashion and beauty stylists for stylized home, garden, fashion, beauty, and celebration related features.
All submissions must include professional quality photographs (we will also consider videos), and showcase the individuals’ personalities, novel ideas, personal details, and highlight unique details of the story. Additionally, we ask that you tell us about your submission with detailed information.
Please obtain written permission from your photographer, videographer, or the individuals who are the subject of the feature before submitting to us (photographers may send us an email consent to feature their photographs on the blog). Also, include any credit information and URL for all vendors and industry professionals involved with your story, if applicable.
Please submit between 65-150 images (not more than 150), which must be at least 1000 pixels wide, and at least 4 MP, but not more than 7 MP, in size.
We prefer to only feature submissions that have not appeared on other media outlets within the last year-and-a-half. Similarly, we ask that once Life Is Epic features your story, you refrain from submitting it to another blog, website, or magazine for 90 days.